Sick note.jpgIt’s webinar time! 

FMLA Medical certification is designed to help employers better understand an employee’s medical condition and their need for time off from work. So, why does such a helpful tool tend to create angst, confusion and frustration within the employer community?

Let’s tackle medical certification head on! Please join us on Thursday, December 5, 2013 (12:00 – 1:15p.m. central time) for “Conquering the FMLA Medical Certification Process: Best Practices for Employers.” I will be joined by my friend and fellow FMLA nerd, Matt Morris, Vice President, FMLASource, who promises (along with me) to keep cheesy jokes to no more than two during our session.

I’ve summarized our webinar below, so you will have a good idea of the topics we’ll cover. And the best part? It’s FREE! So, you have no excuse not to join us, right!?!

Overview of the Webinar

In this complimentary webinar, Matt and I will cover FMLA medical certification in detail and employ case studies throughout to help employers deal with the most confusing and maddening medical certification conundrums.

To heck with the basics about medical certification.  We’re going to dig into some difficult issues. Using real life situations from our own experience in dealing with the FMLA, we will cover topics such as:

  • Common employer questions and missteps in the medical certification process
  • Best practices for employers when an employee fails to return medical certification
  • Incomplete or Confusing Certification – Does the Employer Trash it and start over
  • Fighting the “Friday-Monday Leave Act” – how employers should use recertification when they see a pattern of misuse or suspect FMLA abuse
  • Managing the second/third opinion process

We look forward to your participation.