civil union ring.jpgIllinois currently has no equivalent of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.  Soon, it may.  And unlike the FMLA, the proposed Illinois leave law would allow civil union partners the same leave entitlements currently enjoyed by married couples.  Notably, because of the conflicting parameters of state and federal law, the proposed Illinois Family and

golden-retriever-boys-best-friend.jpgI love my Golden Retriever, Abby.  I really do.  But this development below is a bit too much, especially for this management-side attorney.

Is it possible that employees in Florida soon may be eligible to take a leave of absence when their pets are abused or subjected to the threat of abuse?  As Eric Meyer

Earlier this month, Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) introduced the Parental Bereavement Act (S. 1358), which would expand the Family and Medical Leave Act to provide job-protected leave due to the death of an employee’s son or daughter.  In a press release, Sen. Tester said he introduced the bill because the “last thing [parents] should be worrying about is whether

Dodd picture.jpgIn the upcoming weeks, the halls of Congress will welcome a number of new faces and bid farewell to many other personalities.  One of those personalities riding into the sunset is the longtime Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut.  Putting aside for now whether you love him or hate him, Senator Dodd leaves at least one significant legacy behind — passage of the Family and Medical Leave Act.  As the author of the FMLA, which was passed in 1993, and sponsor of several bills pending in Congress that would expand the FMLA, Senator Dodd clearly has been a strong voice for employees in the workplace.

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same-sex couple.JPGGay and lesbian employees in the Illinois Treasurer’s office who are in a committed relationship will enjoy the same FMLA benefits as married employees under an executive order signed by state treasurer (and U.S. Senate candidate) Alexi Giannoulias Sunday.  As a result, these employees will have the same family and medical leave benefits to care for their domestic partner when they suffer from a serious health condition and will be allowed to take time off to have or adopt children.

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Last fall, Congress passed and the President signed several amendments to the Family and Medical Leave Act, including an expansion of military leave (2010 Defense Department Authorization Bill) and a relaxation of the hours requirement for airline employees (Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act).

Congress’ willingness to amend portions of the FMLA in