Thanks to those who attended my webinar last week with Matt Morris on “Managing Remote Work Requests During (and After) the Pandemic.” You still can access the recording here (a short registration is required), and the presentation PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here (pdf).

To the nearly 6,000 people who registered for the webinar, thank you. Among other things, you were rewarded with photos of Golden Retriever puppies and even a live look at Matt’s work-from-home throne!

During the webinar, we covered:

  • An overview of studies taken during the pandemic regarding work from home.  We highlighted the benefits to employees and employers of remote work but also the challenges when your employees work from home.
  • Why these studies are critical. The findings within the studies — particularly when it comes to the challenges remote work causes — give employers some arguments to establish undue hardship
  • How to approach a remote work accommodation request.   We walked you through the thought process in managing a remote work request — the questions to ask the employee and managers, the considerations for remote work, and how best to implement a remote work arrangement.
  • How important the interactive process is. Using recent case law, we addressed the importance of engaging in an authentic interactive process with our employee who is requesting remote work as an ADA accommodation.
  • Finally, we provided the critical components of a remote work program.  

Want some insight into managing your employee’s remote work request?  Access the recording here!

Thanks again to all who attended.  I wish you a peaceful, healthy and happy holiday season!