This ain’t no trick, FMLA friends!

Save the date for not just one, but two FMLA events on the horizon.

My Annual FMLA webinar will be held Wednesday, December 14

For 10+ years, I have held an annual webinar covering current FMLA and ADA issues impacting employers.  Time for another round!

On Wednesday, December 14 (12pm central time), I will be joined by my good friend, Matt Morris, to discuss FMLA and ADA fitness for duty issues.  Matt and I will cover the circumstances in which employers may obtain a fitness for duty or independent medical exams to ensure an employee is safely able to work.

Look for a post in the upcoming week to register for this complimentary December webinar.

I am Conducting Another FMLA Master Class in February 2023!

This February, the FMLA turns 30.  And it’s time to celebrate!  On February 7-9, 2023, I will hold a three-day FMLA extravaganza in which I will build on the concepts from my FMLA master class from earlier this year.  We’ll update some of the FMLA building blocks from that session while ramping it up a notch to help you develop your FMLA prowess!

You read that right: three whole days of nothing but the F-M-L-A!  We’ll cover everything from tricky FMLA eligibility and notice issues to vague medical certification forms to pesky intermittent FMLA scenarios.  Even more, I will include a “train-the-trainer” module with content to create and master your own one-hour FMLA training course for your managers.

Check back here in early December for details to register for this February 2023 FMLA Master Class.  In the meantime, get your FMLA dancing shoes ready AND email me with any particular topics you want me to cover in this year’s master class!