After years of hosting FMLA parties, I invite you now to an ADA party!


A party where we spend nine hours together over three straight days discussing nothing but the A-D-A.

Are you excited yet!?! Let me explain more.

For years, many of you have attended my FMLA webinars and master class. In your feedback, your most common refrain (aside from “Ditch the singing!”): “When are you hosting an ADA master class?”

You asked for it, and we have delivered!

ADA Master Class

In this interactive, three-day (nine-hour) training course, I will help you master the critical components of the Americans with Disabilities Act and become more comfortable with managing an employee with a medical condition. Dare we say, the course might even get you a wee bit excited about implementing ADA accommodations in the workplace.

You read that correctly: Get ready to be ADA-energized!

In this ADA Master Class, I will use case studies and a bit of humor to help you master the ADA from beginning to end! Ditching the legalese, I also will highlight a TON of case law developments that impact how you implement reasonable accommodations, enforce attendance policies and issue discipline, make medical inquiries of your employees, ask interview questions without stepping in it, and ensure your employee’s fitness for duty.

Access the detailed agenda HERE.

In this three-day, nine-hour course, you and your colleagues will learn how to:

  • Analyze the point at which an employee’s medical condition rises to the level of a disability
  • Recognize when to start the interactive process and what this process requires
  • Determine whether an accommodation is reasonable, and what type of accommodation is needed
  • Make appropriate medical inquiries where you’re concerned about an employee’s fitness for duty or safety in the workplace
  • Implement Jeff’s (un) patented three-step process for managing leave as a reasonable accommodation
  • Effectively manage remote work as an accommodation
  • Navigate light duty programs for your employees
  • Properly implement accommodations for neurodiverse employees
  • Better understand the intersection of ADA, FMLA and worker’s compensation issues
  • Implement pregnancy accommodations
  • Safely manage the hiring process to comply with the ADA

Nine absolutely blissful hours of the A-D-A

Are you dancing yet?

I’ll use case studies to keep you thinking. I’ll highlight several new cases from 2023 that will help you administer accommodations. And I’ll send you off with an ADA workbook and detailed PowerPoint slides so you have resources to access long after our class ends.

This ADA Master Class will benefit you no matter your experience level. Are you just breaking into human resources and need a critical foundation on the ADA?  This class is for you. Are you a more seasoned HR or accommodations professional who needs some practical ideas to manage the interactive process and reviewing accommodation requests or apply the ADA to tricky scenarios?  This class is for you. Are you an attorney who seeks a better understanding of the ADA’s pain points so you can appropriately counsel your clients? This class is for you, too.

Here Are the Details

When: March 5 and 6, 2024 (12:00 to 3:30p.m. central time) and March 7, 2024 (12:00 to 2:00p.m. central time); this course will be presented virtually, so you can attend from the comfort of any place you wish!

Cost: $495 (Access the registration link HERE) For a limited time, use the code BLOG50 to take $50 off this price. Reach out to me at the email below for large group rates.

What will I cover?  Access the detailed three-day agenda HERE.

Credits: SHRM/HRCI and continuing legal education (CLE) will be offered (nine hours of it!)

Materials: Attendees will receive a copy of my ADA Guidebook and a copy of the PowerPoint.

Got any questions? Email me at See you there!