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Recovering Premium Payments from Employees After They Fail to Return from FMLA Leave - Podcast No. 20

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employers have the right to recover their share of health insurance premiums from an employee if he or she fails to return to work upon expiration of FMLA leave.  In this month’s FMLA Insights podcast, we walk employers through how they can go about collecting these premiums and under … Continue Reading

An Employer's FMLA "To Do" List for 2011 - Podcast No. 19

In this month’s podcast, we propose a “to do” list of items employers should consider to ensure their FMLA policies and practices are effective in the New Year. We cover topics such as revisions to your FMLA policy and forms, how to best calculate FMLA leave, and revisiting job descriptions and personnel policies so as to … Continue Reading

Recertification - Podcast No. 17

Your employee has requested leave due to a serious health condition – either his or her own, or to care for a family member. You’ve sent out the notices, received a medical certification, and designated an employee’s leave as FMLA. However, as the weeks or months go by, you’re not so sure that the employee … Continue Reading

Medical Certifications - Why, When and How? - Podcast No. 15

The medical certification is perhaps the employer’s most important tool for managing FMLA leave. Unfortunately, many employers simply don’t use the certification process, or don’t use it properly. In this podcast, we discuss why medical certifications are important, when and how to request them, and what to do when an employee fails to return a … Continue Reading

An Employee Has Requested FMLA Leave. Now What Do I Do? - Podcast No. 14

“Notice of Eligibility?  Designation Notice?  Medical certification form?  I give up!” We often hear from clients that they have a tough time properly responding to an employee’s request for leave that might be covered by the FMLA.  Clearly, under the new FMLA regulations, employers must be able to master this response. After listening to this … Continue Reading

Interpreting The New DOL Interpretation Of "In Loco Parentis" - Podcast No. 13

On June 22 the U.S. Department of Labor issued its first Administrator Interpretation under the FMLA, “clarifying” how the FMLA applies to requests for leave by those who provide care for a child without a biological or legal relationship to the child. In this month’s podcast, we explain what’s new in this interpretation, what isn’t, … Continue Reading

"The Intersection of Worker's Compensation Benefits and FMLA Leave" - Podcast No. 12

Administering worker’s compensation benefits in conjunction with FMLA leave can create issues that trip up even the most experienced HR professional. This month’s podcast addresses common issues that arise when worker’s compensation leave intersects with FMLA leave, such as: Can an employer run FMLA leave concurrently with a worker’s compensation absence? Can an employer exhaust … Continue Reading

Administering FMLA Leave for Pregnancy Issues - Podcast No. 9

In this edition of our podcast, we discuss how an employer should properly administer FMLA leave when it is needed for pregnancy-related matters or upon the birth of the child. We tackle common questions such as: Can an employer obtain medical certification of a pregnancy? Is intermittent leave allowed for child-parent bonding time? Are prenatal … Continue Reading

"OK, 12 Weeks Are Up. Can We Terminate Employment Now?" - Podcast No. 8

In this edition of our podcast, we discuss some of the issues that can arise when an employee exhausts his or her available FMLA leave – and why immediate termination may be a risky move. Listen to the January 2010 Franczek Radelet FMLA Insights podcast: If you experience a slow connection, please right-click this … Continue Reading

"Bah, Humbug! What Do I Do When My Employees Are Home for the Holidays?" - Podcast No. 7:

In this very merry edition of our Podcast, we walk through the winter wonderland of FMLA leave, and discuss some common holiday-related FMLA issues, such as how to count FMLA leave during a holiday week. Listen to the December 2009 Franczek Radelet FMLA Insights podcast:   If you experience a slow connection, please right-click … Continue Reading

FMLA Military Family Leave Amendments - Podcast No. 6

In this month’s podcast, we analyze recent FMLA amendments that expand an employee’s right to take leave due to “qualifying exigencies” arising from family members’ military service, and to care for family members injured in the course of military service. The podcast also provides an overview of pending legislation that would require paid leave, expand … Continue Reading

"Is it true that employers can't contact a health care provider to clarify a medical certification?" - Podcast No. 4

In this month’s podcast, we take a look at the myth that employers cannot follow up with an employee’s health care provider to clarify or authenticate a medical certification. While there are still some important limitations, the new FMLA rules provide employers with some additional flexibility in following up on medical certifications. We provide an … Continue Reading