no_alcohol_signA question was posed to me on Twitter this past week: Shouldn’t former University of Southern California (USC) football coach Steve Sarkisian have been placed on FMLA leave to get treatment for apparent alcoholism instead of getting sacked by USC? [Pun intended, of course.]

For those of you not familiar with Mr.

Love-BoatThis post has nothing to do with Netflix and its new, generous parental leave policy.  Or GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s latest position on paid leave. Sorry to disappoint.

But it does involve an exotic boat cruise. And of course, the FMLA. Tantalizing? Jump aboard the Love Boat to find out…

The Facts

Lucy worked

walgreens.jpgTake Bob.  He is a machine operator.  Bob suffers from back and leg pain as well as bouts of anxiety.  As a result, he typically visits with his physician every couple of months and is on prescription medication.  He’s been approved for intermittent FMLA leave as a result of his serious health condition(s). 

On September 30, he informs his

An employee enrolled in an addiction treatment program need not be under a doctor’s care or actually staying at a rehab institution to qualify for FMLA leave, according to a federal court in Texas.  Picarazzi v. John Crane, Inc. (pdf)

The Facts

Plaintiff Perry Picarazzi, a customer service representative for John Crane, Inc.(JCI), had a history of alcoholism, and his alcohol problems clearly led to absenteeism problems in March 2008.  As a result, he was issued a number of “points” under JCI’s attendance policies, which led to progressive discipline.  However, JCI failed to issue this course of discipline until the day it also issued a final warning to Picarazzi, which occurred mere days before his termination in late June 2008.

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