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Play Ball! An FMLA Lineup That Keeps You in the Pennant Race

In this opening weekend of major league baseball, hope springs eternal for every baseball fan.  In honor of my beloved Chicago White Sox, I offer an FMLA lineup card below that from top to bottom will help employers stay atop the pennant race throughout the year.  [First, feel free to play the National Anthem if you so desire…] From … Continue Reading

Suffering from Super Bowl-Induced FMLA Leave?

This morning, the sound of the morning alarm was harsh reality for scores of employees throughout Wisconsin.  After celebrating a Packers Super Bowl victory late into the night (a bitter pill for this Bears fan to swallow!), they have no interest in dragging themselves out of bed and heading into work.  For employers, you need not be located … Continue Reading

Recertification - Podcast No. 17

Your employee has requested leave due to a serious health condition – either his or her own, or to care for a family member. You’ve sent out the notices, received a medical certification, and designated an employee’s leave as FMLA. However, as the weeks or months go by, you’re not so sure that the employee … Continue Reading

Link Now Available: Webinar on Identifying, Managing and Preventing FMLA Abuse

Several weeks ago, I conducted a Webinar on “Identifying, Managing and Preventing FMLA Abuse.”  Thanks to those of you who attended — over 600 people from 44 states registered for the event.  We had a great discussion about common FMLA issues that continue to plague employers as they administer FMLA leave.  The Webinar centered around real-life … Continue Reading

Identifying, Managing & Preventing FMLA Abuse

In this webinar, Franczek Radelet partner and SHRP member Jeff Nowak and SHRP member Teri Hock identify the issues and address the questions surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including: Identifying and understanding the most common forms of FMLA abuse Utilizing the changes in the FMLA regulations to help fight FMLA abuse Documenting … Continue Reading

Appeals Court Rejects Claim For Long-Term Intermittent Leave

Managing long-term intermittent leave has long been one of the central problems for employers administering FMLA leave. Particularly problematic is the employee who presents a certification suggesting that he or she will need unscheduled leave with little or no notice to the employer over a period of months or years based upon self-diagnosed, unverifiable symptoms … Continue Reading