FerrisDon’t you hate it when someone glues your windows and doors shut so you cannot make it to work? Hasn’t happened to you? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, this may very well have happened to one of your co-workers the last time he was absent from work.

Last month, CareerBuilder published the 2014 edition

Fake illness.jpgAccording to a recent CareerBuilder survey, nearly one-third (32 percent) of your employees have called in sick when they’re not actually sick.  Perhaps just as notable, 30 percent of your employees admit that they have reported to work despite actually being sick. The reason? So they can save their sick days for when they’re

In this very merry edition of our Podcast, we walk through the winter wonderland of FMLA leave, and discuss some common holiday-related FMLA issues, such as how to count FMLA leave during a holiday week.

Listen to the December 2009 Franczek Radelet FMLA Insights podcast:

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