DOL employee guide.jpgThis week, I had the privilege of presenting on the “Nuts and Bolts” of the FMLA with Department of Labor Branch Chief for FMLA, Diane Dawson.  Our presentation was part of an FMLA/ADAAA compliance conference hosted by the Disability Management Employers’ Coalition (DMEC).  [My unsolicited opinion: DMEC is a fabulous non-profit organization devoted to integrated disability and absence management for employers.  Any employer should consider joining if they want to improve their integration of disability/absence management.]

Our “nuts and bolts” presentation materials were closely modeled after an FMLA PowerPoint that the DOL just published and posted on its web site for the public’s use.  The DOL’s PowerPoint can be accessed here (PPT).  (Access the pdf version)

For what it’s worth, I’ve found the DOL’s PowerPoint to be very even-handed in providing an overview of the FMLA, and I’d recommend that employers incorporate portions of the PowerPoint into their own FMLA training materials.  

Of course, when using the DOL’s PowerPoint to create training materials, it should be tweaked a bit to add emphasis on an employer’s rights — things like employee notice requirements, enforcing call-in procedures, and more background on requiring timely, complete and sufficient medical certification and re-certification — but this PPT is a really good start.  Good enough of a start that I thought I would call to all of your attention.

Happy FMLA training!