aba_logo_01.jpgAs always, 2012 was an active year for cases involving the Family and Medical leave Act.  Remember the manager who gave his employee the book “No More Hysterectomies” when she asked for leave because she had to undergo a hysterectomy?  We covered that one here.  Or how about the employee who sought leave to care for her mom…on a vacation in Las Vegas?  We covered that one, too.

Although our little blog catches some of the big FMLA cases as they occur throughout the year, the American Bar Association’s Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee publishes an annual comprehensive report that catches virtually all significant cases from the prior year.  It is a great reference for me throughout the year, and I highly recommend it to HR professionals and employment attorneys.  Plus, it’s free!

Feel free to access the 2013 ABA FMLA report here (pdf).  Kudos to Jim Paul and Bill Bush, who head up the ABA’s FMLA subcommittee and serve as the main editors of the report.  Enjoy!