Last week, my colleagues, Bill Pokorny and Josh Meeuwse, and I conducted a complimentary Webinar for our clients and friends of the firm regarding the ADA Amendments Act and its final regulations, which take effect May 24, 2011. 

You now can access the archived version of the Webinar and the presentation materials here.  The Webinar provides an overview of the changes to the ADAAA and its regulations and offers strategies for avoiding and defending against potential disability discrimination claims. 

Effect on the FMLA: The ADAAA significantly expands the number of employees who are considered “disabled.”  Consequently, employees who suffer from serious health conditions covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act now also may be covered by the ADAAA.  While covering several common workplace issues, our Webinar specifically addresses how to handle an employee who has exhausted FMLA leave but needs additional leave before returning to work. 

For additional information about the ADAAA and how it will impact your workplace, you also can access our comprehensive summary of the ADAAA final regulations here (pdf).