Over the past several years, as employee leave of absence legislation has become increasingly complex, employers have asked us to create a product that provides timely analysis of all the changes in state and local leave of absence laws.

Clearly, there is a need to stay up to date on these changes, since they significantly impact the manner in which employers provide benefits to its employees. On a moment’s notice, city and county governments also are passing new leave laws, which only further complicates an employer’s compliance efforts.

We have your answer. 

Meet Leave Law Insights, which provides subscribers regular updates on any leave of absence legislation that has been signed into law. Our analysis will cover paid and unpaid leave laws and ordinances at the federal, state, city and county level.

What is Leave Law Insights and What Does It Cover?

Leave Law Insights provides a regular and complete analysis of all recently-enacted leave laws and ordinances. Our updates, which begin this month (August 2017), help you quickly digest a new law while providing the comprehensive information necessary to enhance your compliance efforts. These updates include all paid and unpaid leave laws, except those that apply only to public/municipal employees.

Each update includes an analysis about key aspects of the law, such as:

  • Covered employers and eligible employees
  • Entitlement/reasons for leave
  • Key Definitions (e.g., family members, other critical terms necessary to interpret the law)
  • How leave is accrued and, if paid leave, requirements for payment of wages and carryover
  • Employer/employee notice requirements, including links to employer postings
  • Requirements for certification and reinstatement of employment
  • Interaction with other laws
  • Links to the law and regulations

Each legal update also includes key additional guidance:

  • Insights for Employers: providing additional practical guidance on key aspects of each law
  • Quick Takes: highlighting minor amendments to current state or local leave laws

How Often Will We Provide Updates on New Leave Laws?

We will provide updates on all new leave laws as they are enacted, so we anticipate providing an update on at least a monthly basis. Within the upcoming months, we will provide updates on a web portal so that you have real-time access to these legal changes and a collection of current leave laws across the country.

Want a Sneak Peek?

Our first issue, which is immediately available, is 55 pages in length and analyzes all leave laws/ordinances enacted over the past year. Take a sneak peek at this month’s issue of Leave Law Insights:

Who Should Subscribe to Leave Law Insights?

In short, any employer, broker and third party administrator will find our leave law updates critical to their compliance efforts. More specifically, Leave Law Insights is a necessary tool for any employer with multi-state operations, HR departments which lack the resources or time to track these laws, HR teams without dedicated leave administrators, and employers with workers taking significant amounts of leave.

In a timely and cost-effective manner, this resource will relieve you of the seemingly endless task of tracking leave of absence laws so that you can turn your attention to more strategic opportunities for your organization.

How Do You Subscribe to Leave Law Insights?

We offer Leave Law Insights at three different subscription levels:

  1. Just the Updates. Our basic subscription delivers Leave Law Insights in pdf format directly to your E-Mail Inbox. For the next 30 days, we are offering our loyal blog readers an annual subscription for $1,200.  (Regular subscription = $1,500)
  2. Updates and Consultation.  If you need assistance interpreting these new laws and understanding how the nuances apply in your workplace, we offer ongoing consultation for an additional annual flat rate of $1,000. Under this option, we set up regular one-on-one telephone conferences to discuss these laws.  You receive legal updates and access to our consultation for a total annual discounted rate of $2,200.
  3. Receive Leave Law Insights for FREE.  I offer a service known as CALM — Compliance in Accommodations and Leave Management — in which I assist employers and third party administrators with day-to-day FMLA and ADA questions. Under CALM, I provide employers and third party administrators practical guidance on the most difficult leave management and accommodation questions you face for a flat $750 monthly retainer. We are offering Leave Law Insights free of charge for 12 months to our CALM clients.  Click here for more information about our CALM service.